Our Story

First let me start off by saying this.  I .. LOVE. Retail.  To me retail isn't just shopping.  Retail is art.  Retail is creativity.  Retail is trade.  Retail is an experience.  Retail is a part of each and every one of our lives, and I absolutely love it!  My career, my hobby and my passion is retail.  Long have I waited to bring my passion to the world, and I am so very excited to finally bring you my first website.  


I have travelled North America to explore the thousands of  some of the best items I have experienced from some of the most prestigious shopping districts in the world.  Products that are designed by some of the top artisans and designers in the industry are a part of my collection, in addition to some of my own private items exclusive to my website and stores featuring small batch family owned products formulated exclusively for us.  

I truly hope you enjoy the collection; and I hope the pieces bring you amazing memories like the ones that I have from procuring the collection for you.
Lovingly Yours,